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About FOXToys

The FOX Toys Company was founded in 1995. Since its establishment, it has imported models of cars for collectors and sold them in retail and wholesale. The company also projects and carries out advertising printing on car models.

Currently, it represents the following companies in the Czech Republic

  1. AutoArt
  2. Bizarre
  3. Brumm
  4. Herpa
  5. IXO Models
  6. Lledo
  7. Norev
  1. PMA – Minichamps
  2. Red line
  3. Solido
  4. Schuco
  5. Vanguards
  6. J-Collection
  7. Spark Model

Furthermore, you can find, in our assortment, models from the following companies

  1. Abrex
  2. Bburago
  3. Carousel 1
  4. Corgi
  5. Eligor
  6. Exoto
  7. Exact Detail
  8. Hot Wheels
  9. Jada Toys
  10. Kyosho
  11. Maisto
  12. Revell
  13. Ricko
  14. Sun Star
  15. Signature Models
  16. Yatming
  1. CMC
  2. Ebbro
  3. Ertl
  4. GMP
  5. Highway 61
  6. Hongwell
  7. Matchbox
  8. Motor City Classics
  9. Premium Classixxs
  10. Precision Miniatures
  11. Trofeu
  12. Shelby Collectibles
  13. Starline Models
  14. Vitesse
  15. Welly
  16. Universal Hobbies

You can buy our goods via our internet store as well
In case you are interested in our unique imported models, please contact us at this address, where you will find wholesale and company management

Tuklatská 3/2107
100 00 Praha 10
Tel./fax: ++420 274 81 56 89
E-mail: foxtoys@mbox.vol.cz
E-mail: foxtoys@foxtoys.cz

The conditions to buy the goods from wholesale for wholesale prices

  • Trade Certificate, Extract from the Commercial Register
  • Minimal purchase: 20,000 CZK without VAT
  • First three purchases – cash payment
  • Toy and model store

To provide you with the information on the employee with whom you are in contact, pictures of the company management are available here.

You can find models of the following companies in our assortment
You can purchase the models of these companies in our retail stores or via our internet store

The FOX toys, s.r.o. also carries out advertising printing on car models from our assortment.

Models - Cars - Motobikes - Aeroplanes


Fox toys s. r. o.
Tuklatská 3/2105
100 00 Praha 10

(+420) 274 815 689
Fax (+420) 274 816 750

About us

We import collector’s models and follow with their retail sale and wholesale.
You can find cars of famous brands (PMA Minichamps, Ixo Models, Norev, Schuco), motorcycle, airplane and tank models, as well as plastic modular systems and accessories for modelers in our selection.
We will arrange the print on your selected models to your order upon request.